Finding Alice is a contemporary drama which follows the story of Alice...

…and her honest, dark and comical journey of grief, love and life after the death of her husband Harry. After moving into their newly finished, weird and wonderful dream house which he designed himself, Harry dies after falling down the stairs. The sense of loss and abandonment leaves Alice feeling more disoriented than ever before, and as the series unravels we discover that Harry had a habit of hiding stuff …

Finding Alice is a co-production for ITV, with Buddy Club working alongside Executive Producer Nicola Schindler at Red Productions, Exec and co-writer/creator Simon Nye at Genial Productions, and co-writer/Exec Roger Goldby at Bright Pictures.

Creative Team


Roger Goldby | Juliet May


Roger Goldby | Simon Nye


Michaela Fereday | Margot Gavan Duffy

Casting Directors

Suzanne Crowley | Gilly Poole

Finding Alice by Buddy Club Productions
Finding Alice by Buddy Club Productions