28 September 2020

The harrowing true story behind new ITV drama starring Keeley Hawes

Honour ITV Drama with Keeley Hawes

A crime drama that explores the real-life, so-called “honour killing” of 20-year-old Banaz Mahmod will begin tonight (Monday 28 September) on ITV.

Honour is a two-part drama that stars Keely Hawes as DCI Caroline Goode, the officer who investigated the disappearance of Mahmod in 2006.

Mahmod, an Iraqi Kurdish woman who lived in London, was murdered on the orders of her family after she left her abusive marriage for another man.

She went to the police seeking help prior to her death, after learning that her uncle planned to have her killed, but was not believed by the officers who interviewed her. One dismissed her as being manipulative and melodramatic.

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