28 September 2020

The making of ITV two-part factual drama Honour

ITV Drama Honour - Alliea Nazar TV Producer

While the project had been long in the making for Hughes, producer Alliea Nazar (Stan Lee’s Lucky Man) came on board only a few months before filming commenced, having been approached to join the series by executive producer Liza Marshall.

Alliea Nazar

“I was familiar with the case but I didn’t know what I didn’t know, so it’s been a journey of learning on my part. Having read the script, I definitely felt it was a story that needed to be told,” Nazar tells DQ. “But it’s one I felt I could contribute to and help develop. On a project like this, you want to have various perspectives around the table.

“I also love Gwyn’s writing. She has incredible depth and a way of communicating very weighty emotion in quite an expedient way that never feels exploitative. Part of telling this was not being sensationalist, and I hope we stayed on the right side of that where we didn’t show violence or Banaz in terms of when her body was discovered. We didn’t show anything graphic at all. We were all about focusing on the human emotion, the investigation and the affecting journey of bringing those killers to justice and discovering what happened.”

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