17 April 2021

The Prosecutor

Former Chief Prosecutor Nazir Afzal’s autobiography optioned for TV.

Buddy Club Productions has secured the rights to Nazir Afzal’s critically acclaimed 2020 autobiography ’The Prosecutor’ to be developed for TV.
‘The Prosecutor’ is a compelling and inspiring memoir charting the life of Nazir Afzal, one of Britain’s foremost criminal prosecutors, spanning from his early childhood in 1960s Birmingham, where he encountered racism, violence and tragedy as a young boy and how this series of events led him to carve out a ground-breaking career within the legal justice system.

Nazir Afzal commented “I’m delighted to be working with Keeley Hawes and Buddy Club Productions on bringing my memoir “The Prosecutor” to the screen. In a hard fought competition, Buddy Club showed that they understood that it’s the stories of the victims, the survivors and the vulnerable which need to be told so that we can learn from their experiences to make the world safer for them. My journey is their journey.”

As Chief Prosecutor, in charge of ensuring the most complex, violent and harrowing crimes made it to court and their perpetrators tried for their offences, Nazir was at the forefront of some of the UK’s most famous and prolific legal cases including the Rochdale sex ring and the earliest prosecution for so called honour killing and modern slavery.

‘The Prosecutor’ is a powerful story of one man’s extraordinary fight for the truth within the legal justice system, and his passion to help the communities he felt the conventional justice system appeared to overlook.

Buddy Club Productions secured the book through a deal brokered by Simon Hall at Media Wizards.

The Prosecutor is published by Penguin Books.

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